The intelligent
that completely
transforms how
we interact
security doors!

Our company specializes in introducing smart electronic keys and locks to the markets of Greece and Cyprus, replacing outdated mechanical counterparts. This innovative solution offers a single key for user access, capable of unlocking multiple locks within the same controlled area. Unlike traditional keys, electronic keys cannot be duplicated, ensuring enhanced security. Each electronic padlock features a unique code and operates wirelessly the need for batteries.

Our electronic keys and locks serve as an optimal solution for controlling access in various sectors:
• Camps: Including armories, ammunition depots, fuel tanks, vehicle depots, spare parts depots, lockers, document cabinets, special office, and meeting rooms
• Telecommunication Networks: Covering DataRooms, antennas, and related facilities
• State Buildings: Across various government departments
• Transportation Hubs: Such as airports, ports, trains, and hospitals
• Industries: Including pharmaceutical companies and other industrial spaces

Specifically in military settings, these electronic locks act as a deterrent against theft, equipment tampering, and infrastructure damage.