is a device
installed in a house,
providing complete
control through
voice commands!

With housemate® the user
has the ability to access every electronic device
within a smart home system through
any major smart home protocol.
(TVs and peripherals, Heating and cooling devices etc.)

Using the World Wide Web, housemate®
can be turned into a multi-functional tool allowing
the user to enjoy various comforts.

• Fast and accurate response on user's request.
• Supports various languages.
• Easy to configure and update.
• Attractive artistic design that comes in various skins.
• It is patented pending in the EU and the USA.

Benefits for end users
• User friendly to the people with disabilities
and special needs
• User friendly to elderly and people
with temporary reduced mobility.
• Access to smart functions such as listening
to the news or music, is easier than ever.